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Celebrating over 25 years of
premium events and entertainment

Shane International boasts a vast portfolio of satisfied clients from across the globe who, together with a variety of audiences on each continent, have experienced our philosophy of Imagination, Inspiration and Creation.


However we are not only interested in just being creative. Nor are we interested in just doing a job well. One of our foremost reasons for success can be attributed to our strategic approach when developing any event. We are keen to embrace all the objectives of our client and ensure that we implement strategies that achieve definitive results above all expectations.


This not only requires careful planning but also and most importantly a real understanding of our client, their traditions, objectives, financial situation, hopes, ambitions and dreams.


Mission Statement:

To provide outstanding service and a harmonious working environment where, in partnership with our suppliers, we can be the catalyst for the creation and management of memorable experiences that achieve the strategic objectives and dreams of our clients and fuel our imagination towards the future.


When working with a client Shane International Pty Ltd seeks to become part of a triumphant team made up of us, our client and each of our own suppliers and subcontractors so that we can all work together to achieve common goals and outstanding results.


Another reason for our success is our ability to be flexible. Working closely alongside the client and going with the flow where necessary are traits that we like to adopt to ensure a smooth operation whilst still providing all necessary consultation and support.


Further to this, regardless if the event is a romantic dinner for a CEO and his wife or a main arena spectacular for 40,000 sports fans, each event is fuelled by the initial personal attention given by our Executive Director who meets with all new clients and asks the simple question…. “What is your prime objective?”


Once that is known then those three important words in our world... Imagination, Inspiration and Creation are embraced ….and it’s from this basic philosophy that our award winning experiences are born.

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