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Shane Wilson 

Executive Director & Artistic Director

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Our Executive Director and Founder now celebrates over 35 years in the event, entertainment and marketing services industries with a current focus on artistic direction and the production of bespoke theatrical entertainment.

His career began in 1981 as a marketing administrator for a chain of 13 suburban newspapers and then later for the Adelaide broadsheet The Advertiser and its parent organisation News Limited.

Throughout these early years Shane developed a private commitment to the arts as an administrator, artistic director, producer and luminary for various significant theatrical companies and productions.

After many years in media, Shane joined the Adelaide Casino managing their interest in all gaming and food & beverage promotions, national sponsorship commissions and entertainment activity. In addition, this portfolio saw Shane responsible the development and implementation of creative marketing initiatives and special events targeting the Casino’s premium player base.

Shane formed his own company in 1997 with a view to providing the corporate sector with a unique company that was analytic in approach and strategic in the execution of marketing driven premium event and entertainment activity. Here as a producer Shane has excelled and is an award-winning recognised leader in his field. In particular Shane has been recognised for his commitment to the industry’s growth and for beneficiary programmes to develop the careers of young Australian artists.

Today Shane is at the forefront of his field on a global scale and is responsible for a myriad of premium events and the production of live entertainment for blue chip corporates, celebrities, charitable organisations and private clients. These events keep Shane International busy throughout the world and include gala dinners, festivals, conferences, occasions of State, major entertainment programmes and his own cutting edge theatrical productions. 



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